Sunday Service

Our main service every week is the Parish Mass each Sunday at 11am. This lasts about an hour and follows the same pattern each week. We have a range of other services in the week – please check the Services page of the website

The sermon

The Mass, also called the Eucharist or Holy Communion, is the central act of Christian worship, given to the Church by Jesus at the Last Supper: "do this in memory of me" (1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

In the first part of the Mass we sing some hymns and a psalm and reflect on some readings from the Bible. We pray for the Church, the world and those in need, the living and the departed. Any children are welcome to join the Sunday School for this part of the Mass, where they will enjoy crafts and activities looking at the same Bible passages being read in church.

In the second part of the Mass we share God's peace with one another using the ancient greeting, common to many faiths, "peace be with you". Then bread and wine are offered at the altar, and the priest sings a prayer of thanksgiving over these gifts, praising God for his love and mercy, and thanking God for sending Jesus to be our saviour through his death and resurrection.

Taking communion

Then the prayer continues, and the words and actions of Jesus are repeated by the priest: "take, eat, this is my Body which is given for you"; "drink this, all of you, this is my Blood of the new covenant which is shed for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins". Through the power of God's Spirit, Jesus, the risen Lord, becomes truly present under the outward appearances of bread and wine, and the Church pleads his one perfect sacrifice, "for the praise and glory of God's name, for our good, and the good of all his church".

Those who are prepared then come forward to receive the Blessed Sacrament, and our children return from the Sunday School. All who are baptised and confirmed may receive Holy Communion, as may any communicant members of other Christian churches. But anyone is welcome to come forward to receive a blessing. The Church, by participating in this Sacrament, becomes what it receives: the Body of Christ, his visible presence in the world, called to live with his risen life and make known his love to all.

A family at one of our services

Then there are brief announcements, if any, and the children share what they have been doing in the Sunday School. Then together we greet the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus and of his disciples, asking her prayers. After a final blessing we are sent out "in the peace of Christ".

All are welcome to join us for refreshments in the hall after the service.